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Governor Tate Reeves

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves

Tate Reeves

65th Governor of Mississippi

As the 65th Governor of Mississippi, Tate Reeves continues to build on his strong record as a conservative leader who fights to guard taxpayers’ dollars, improve educational opportunity, and grow new careers so that our state’s best and brightest can raise their families and thrive here at home.

In his inaugural address, Governor Reeves promised that this would be an administration for all Mississippi. He committed to a mission to create a climate where good careers are plentiful with every Mississippian prepared to pursue them, as he has every single day of his time serving our state.

Upon taking office, Governor Reeves inherited a crumbling corrections department and a scandal-plagued human services department. He took immediate action to stem the existing issues and begin the process of rebuilding, shedding light on the issues and installing the best leadership to help him turn the departments around to work for the people of Mississippi.

While tackling the inherited issues within government agencies to provide for the safety and human dignity of all Mississippians, Governor Reeves simultaneously led our state through historic flooding and tornadoes and a worldwide pandemic—all within his first 100 days in office.

Governor Reeves has continued to make history throughout his public service career. When elected in 2003 for his first public office, Governor Reeves became the youngest state treasurer in our country and the first Republican to hold the office in Mississippi. His business training in the banking sector made him our state’s foremost advocate for balancing the state budget while minimizing state debt.

He was elected in 2011 and re-elected four years later as the 32nd Lieutenant Governor, leading the Mississippi Senate. His conservative management helped fill our state’s Rainy Day Fund to over $550 million—the most in state history—and reduce the overall debt burden. He fought for transparency in how agencies spend tax dollars and stronger reporting requirements on taxpayer-funded incentive programs.

His commitment to long-term growth that creates better careers led Governor Reeves to propose the largest tax cut in state history through the Taxpayer Pay Raise Act, lowering the personal income tax and enabling more Mississippi employers to invest in jobs and better compete in the global marketplace.

Governor Reeves’ upbringing in Florence’s public schools made him driven to reform the education system to increase opportunity for all Mississippians. He has worked to increase investment in the classroom and enacted reforms to save money, strengthen achievement, and effectively communicate school performance. His new mission for our state is to give us more national board-certified teachers per capita than any state in the nation.

Governor Reeves remains committed to his inaugural promise to defend the loving culture that underpins our quality of life and grow our economy that lifts all of our families. He has pledged to work every day to make that promise a reality for all Mississippi.

A Rankin County native, Governor Reeves is a graduate of Florence High School and an honors graduate of Millsaps College, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

Governor Reeves and his wife, Elee, are the proud parents of three daughters, Tyler, Emma, and Maddie.

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2 days ago

Tate Reeves


I am so proud of the work that has been done by so many people over the last two weeks to help protect the most vulnerable in our state. We had men and women in uniform (Mississippi National Guard members) standing in the snow directing traffic earlier this week at our state run sites. Many of our healthcare heroes have been working overtime to help protect the people in their hometowns. And most of our long-term care facilities have either received their first doses or have appointments scheduled to get it in the next two weeks.

On January 3, it was reported that Mississippi was ranked 50th in the nation in vaccine distribution. After three weeks of having vaccine in the state, MS had only vaccinated 20,500.

Yesterday, we inoculated our 100,000th Mississippian. In fact, in the last 11 days we have pushed that number to a total of 109,354 shots in arms. We have surpassed approximately 10 other states in per capita vaccinations in those 11 days. We are set to overtake North Carolina and Virginia - and several other states - as soon as this weekend.

I’m a numbers guy and I’m proud we are moving up the charts in total vaccinations. I’m pleased that many of our healthcare heroes will be getting their 2nd doses in the coming days (if not already)!
But the numbers that matter most to me:

35,890 Mississippians over the age of 75 have gotten their first shot.

An additional 11,354 Mississippians over the age of 65.

Yes, we expedited the plan to get inoculations to these two categories!

Why? Because 80% of our fatalities have come from that age group.

So 47,244 Mississippians in our most vulnerable populations are better protected today than they were on January 3.

We also have an additional 30,000 appointments that are already filled for the week of 1/18 at our state run sites. Our partners in clinics, hospitals and FQHCs will get an additional 6,000+ first doses this week. In addition, there are currently 144 hospitals and private clinics that have approximately 50,000 doses that can be put in arms in the coming week.

As of the data I received from MSDH on Friday morning, the hospitals/clinics had received 116,330 doses and done 61,926 inoculations. 26,275 of those are booster doses so they should have 1st dose capacity of approximately 25-30,000 in the coming week (depending on how many they do over this weekend.)

We are currently reporting 50,342 completed this week (this will go up as we have sites open in the Delta today) for an average over 10,000 inoculations per day this week. We should increase that number in the upcoming week.

And we will soon have more first dose appointments For scheduling the weeks of 1/25, 2/1, and 2/8 for those over the age of 65.

It hasn’t gone perfectly and I know that. But I’m incredibly proud of my fellow Mississippians that are getting the job done and I hope you are too.

God Bless, Mississippi!
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Yesterday’s experience at TRUSTMARK Park in Pearl was a well run operation. Hope we can schedule that site again. All guard members were respectful and each right on top of their task! We appreciated their service!

As the father of one of the National Guardsmen involved I am also very proud. Thank you for recognizing them.

We were so pleasantly surprised and thankful for our experience at Neshoba coliseum yesterday. It was well run and well organized. So thankful for our military service members and the care and respect they demonstrated in each interaction. I thanked the man who gave me my vaccination and he responded, "It is our pleasure to serve, ma'am." At a time when our nation is under siege from all sides - without and within - this was such a great reminder of why we can be proud of our country and of her people.

Shout out to The National Guard Unit , at The Washington County Health Department , drive through site in Greenville. They are fantastic! So well organized !!

Governor, not a Mississippian, but I follow you for your thoughtful posts and communication to your constituents. If I did have a vote, you would have my support and regardless, my respect. Thank you for your efforts to keep the folks in MS safe and healthy.

Thanks for the update. Hopeful I as a 70+ citizen will be able to get mine soon. Have registered but as of this week they had no vaccine.

I'm proud of our Guard, but very angry that they were sent to DC to be apart of this act of marshall law the democrats are putting in place. They weren't needed when the city of DC had riots, fires, police officers attacked and injured, blm thugs were chaining themselves together and forming barriers blocking people from entering parks and other public locations when PRESIDENT Trump was inaugurated so why send them now? Why place our brave men and women in this? A waste of manpower and state resources.

When will my 91 year old mother and my husband with numerous health conditions be able to get theirs? As soon as the over 75 were announced I started trying non stop to get appointments without success. Then the governor added other groups. It may be all about numbers to him but its all about family to me.

I had my first vaccine in Oxford , Ms. At conference center . I was very pleased. It was very planned and went perfect for me. Thank you very much. 🙏🏻🇺🇲😷

Absolutely! I was proud to tell my relatives in Pennsylvania that I am scheduled for my first vaccine next week at the age of 68. After my second vaccine I am seriously considering working for a while to give vaccines. I am a retired RN. Thankyou Governor Reeves!

This is why the team put distribution in the hands of the states. We know “us” better than the federal government. Thank you governor !!

When will the vaccine be available to teachers? Thank you for your leadership!

Not enough information to the public and no vaccines in clinics (they were removed from the clinics) as an older person, making an appointment Through the health department has been impossible. Not very organized or clear for the public

I just want to thank you & the Republicans for keeping mississippi open, we travel a lot & see how people are suffering out west. Mississippi only has hospitality for the most part & would have been devastated if we had been under the control of a democratic governance.

Governor they have done a great job at the drive through health department in Lauderdale county on the first shot ! However I am having difficulty in trying to set up our second shot! No appointments are showing up anywhere online! Any tips/help on getting an appointment for second shot will be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your hard work!

Let's keep up the good work! I know people are tired. I know people are hurting. I know people are all out of patience. We have to keep going. We have to dig deeper for strength and patience. We have got to let God be in control. Our burdens that we carry don't belong to us, and we are going against His will by holding onto them. Let's stop complaining about what has happened and what might happen. It helps no one.

I sure hate not more was done for people 65+!!! They had to compete with people in fear of dying from covid since the pre-existing conditions were only on the honor system. They should have been a priority!! Also, unless the elderly have advocates helping them, there was no senior friendly way to finding out and then signing up. Basically, the people who are most scared not most vulnerable were given the opportunity to sign up for the vaccines.

My husband and I over 75 got our first in Jones County on 1/11. It went like clockwork so well organized with the military doing their best to guide us through. We are scheduled for the second one and are looking forward to it. Don’t give up!! There is something about our attitudes that took a turn for the better on that afternoon. God speed!!

Thanks for the numbers. I appreciate that you took the disappointment and turned it around so dramatically. Keep getting better!

We haven't even been able to get on a waiting list for a first dose for a parent in the 65 and up age category. I have called, been on the website, ect. Several clinics said they never even received doses and they are on the website as places to go. Some stuff just doesn't seem to add up here gov...

You need to get some sort of mobile station to come to schools and vaccinate teachers. Subs are hard to find.

I have to tell you...we got our shots at the singing river drive through in Gulfport....never have I experienced such efficiency in getting medical procedure of any kind. Well organized and everyone was so nice and it was so quick! Nice job.

Now just build on this until the whole state is covered. Continue to create sites and bolster the appointment process. It should be as easy as 1-2 days in advance and short wait times and no website crashing for appointments and no super long holds to set up by phone. Need to get to a point where walk ins or same day scheduling

I'm over 75 and waiting for my healthcare facility to receive the vaccine. It's good to know that so many have already received it. Patiently waiting.

When will teachers be able to get theirs?Originally, we were this week or next week.

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4 days ago

Tate Reeves

A few weeks ago, Mississippi was the slowest state in the country to deliver the vaccine. Today, we’re poised to administer every vaccine that the federal government gives us weekly—at least for the next two weeks. We are not out of vaccine. We are operating at max capacity.

We scheduled 52,000 shots just over the next two weeks at our drive-through sites alone. It is not true that there are no more appointments until mid-February. We just expect the number of weekly doses to surge at that point—allowing us to distribute even more per week.

To date, Mississippi has been allocated 320,050 doses and 86,616 have been put in arms. Of that allocation, 198,075 are designated as first doses and we have put 77,223 in arms. 121,975 are Booster doses and only 8,606 have been put in arms.

I’ve repeatedly asked for a report with total doses given to each provider and total doses used and I’m now told that report will be provided to me on Friday. There are many doses that have been allocated to providers and never reported as given. Can’t fly blind—need that data.

During the first 3 weeks, when hospitals alone were working, we were the worst state in the country at delivering the vaccine. We did 20,548 vaccinations. We did 13,225 yesterday.

There are more people with pre-existing conditions or 65+ than there are doses of the vaccine today. So not everyone will have the ability to get a dose immediately or at their preferred site. However, I’m extremely proud that every shot we’re given will quickly be used.

In other states, vaccines are expiring because of a dogmatic attachment to “tiers” and most residents have no hope of receiving a vaccine unless they are connected to an “essential business.” That’s wrong. Every life is essential, and we should give all a chance to get in line.

If you’ve gotten your first dose, or have an appointment for it, you’ll get your second dose. We have plenty of appointments and the ability to logistically handle everyone. Just need more first doses.
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I am a RN at a COVID testing office and still have not been able to get my shot. I am in Desoto county and each time I try to get appointment our local health department is out

Health Department says otherwise... according to a health department news release. “At this point, we have no additional vaccine, and every appointment is tied to an actual vaccination.”

You need to make sure you have enough for those who have gotten their first one and put those aside for the second shot due days after the first. Hopefully that was done. People under 64 need to wait unless their doctor has said they qualify as a truly immunocompromised person needing it. They should have to provide a document from their doctor with their diagnosis if under 64. So many people singing up that truly can wait for the elderly and sickest of the sick to get it in the first, second rounds. I had the opportunity as a healthcare worker to get it and decided to wait for others to go before me. The health departments set up at Trustmark was excellent and well run. I am sure your announcement without consulting the Health Department on number of vaccines available clogged the system.

The first round of vaccinations was supposed to be for medical and dental professionals. From my understanding, when people went for their appointment no proof of said profession was required. Nothing was required when making the appointment online. Now they are running out of vaccines and some states have reported them expiring ALREADY. So, for those that have already gotten vaccinated at these “pop-up” locations.. if there is this much confusion on whether there are still vaccines available or if there aren’t any more until mid February... do you REALLY think there will be a 2nd vaccination waiting for you when it’s time?!?

I thought it was the Health Department that issued statement they were out of vaccine til mid-February

Rhetoric is no substitute for facts. My wife and I are over 70 and with underlying health issues. So far we have not been able to schedule a vaccine with a drive thru or private facility. They are all either booked full or no vaccine available.

How come when you call you are told there are NO appointments or vaccines left. You are then told to call back in mid-February.

If you and all other government entities with a dog in this fight would just get on the same page and STAY there, us healthcare providers would greatly appreciate it. I’m so proud of Mississippians for wanting the vaccine, but healthcare providers have already been functioning in mass chaos mode for almost a year now, and then you go and make everything worse!

You’re not taking into consideration that appointments for eligible recipients have been made, therefore the doses are spoken for.

I am 71 years old, have asthma, and I am still teaching school. My school is NOT virtual. I have tried and tried to get a vaccine. I finally got an appointment for January 28th and the Medical Plaza in Aberdeen called today and cancelled it stating that they ran out of vaccine.

Why are we not able to schedule an appointment? There is a message that says all vaccines are alloted at this time. So, we are not "out" but it seems the vaccines we have at this time are for those already scheduled.

Who knows what’s going on in Mississippi???? We made an appointment for vaccines and got a call today saying they were canceled because they were out and no more until mid February! Your telling us that there are vaccines available????

Well I waited with my laptop ready. Never could get an appointment. Continues to say no more vaccine. Can’t get calls to work either. I don’t know what to do!!! Can we still register, or do we have to wait till mid February. Mixed messages!!

Governor. Why then did my parents private dr have to cancel appt for vaccine because the state took it back. They HAD an appointment. It’s unconscionable ! Get it together

We were schedule to get ours next week and the hospital called and canceled our appointments. Said they wouldn't have any more until mid-February.

Who has the answer? Bottom line, there is a break down in communication and it's time to try and find a solution. While there are no vaccines available, it should be on going appointments made in advance, so there won't be trouble getting through.Ijs

What? "It is not true that there are no more appointments until mid-February." What a mess. A different wording from the MSDH and the governor and the hospitals. Clear up the confusion you have caused.

How accurate are the follow ups on side effects after having this vaccine? I know several that are essential front line workers and they say” not enough research for us to get the vaccine “ and I agree... but that’s just my opinion!!

Thank you for your leadership, Governor. I took my parents, ages 81 and 84, for their vaccines today, and the process was orderly, efficient, and professional. My husband and my son have confirmed appointments next week. I am proud of Mississippi’s virus response and I appreciate your leadership.

Why not use all this energy and enthusiasm to promote and prescribe hydroxychloroquine (along with zinc and azithromycin) or ivermectin at the first signs of illness. These meds are highly effective at treating CV19. Please listen to America's Frontline Doctors. They have been fighting the mainstream media and medical "cancel culture" for months to spread the truth about this illness and how to properly treat it. Health does NOT come from a mask or a needle!!

You say there are plenty of appts., but I called every hospital in the bottom six counties, clinics, MSDH. I’ve even called in La for appts, (when the phones have actually worked and the websites haven’t been down). I’m trying to get my elderly father vaccinated. They all say that there are no vaccine/appts available. Please advise where they are available at?

This is right off the Covid site Governor Tate. Until Mississippi is re-supplied with vaccine, appointments for COVID-19 vaccination are not being scheduled. More about vaccinations and making an appointment »

I have been on the website for 2 days and have waited....started out at 7,676 in line....and I have not been able to secure an appointment. When I was able to get to the part to schedule...there was NO appointments available at any location. I was trying to schedule my parents...they are older and not tech savvy. So, if there are appointments, please instruct me how to secure one. Thanks!

Bravo, Governor! Thank you for your leadership.

Feedback and reports of adverse reactions/injury are beginning to surpass acquaintances sharing their "I got the Covid 'Vaccine' today" selfies in my facebook feed. 🥺😢😭💔 Terrifying, considering many adverse effects won't be revealed/show up for weeks or months following vaccination. Such GREAT, unknown risk, good-intentioned and/or fearful people are taking for something that technically and scientifically shouldn't even be labeled a vaccine. BUT without being categorized as such, manufacturers would not enjoy 100% liability immunity for injury and death. At best, it's a SHAM. Tuck this away. I pray you don't need it, sincerely. ❤ ➡injuredbycovidvaccine dot com to report a covid-19 vaccine injury

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I respectfully disagree. This change has created a hardship for many people and made it more difficult for the vulnerable to get the vaccine.

No additional vaccination appointments until February?!! Gee thanks, NOT! I see you got yours just ahead of the cutoff. Man, your logistics are really lacking or is it that you just want to keep the public in the dark? COME ON MAN!!!

Why don’t you tell us what is surely happening. We have no more vaccines that okay but don’t keep us waiting for 24 hrs to stand in line when there was no vaccines. You must get organized and stop listening to what everyone else saying. You are suppose to be the leader and be more to involved. When having your press conference let us know short term and long term actions.

I couldn’t get an appointment this morning before the site crashed (I’m 69). Now am realizing all those people like school teachers, staff, grocery workers, postal employees...they are at the end of the line too? Not good

Vaccine is now out of stock. Why didn't state order 250,000 doses like georgia. Now many who are immuno-compromised like myself will have to wait until February. Bound to be a way to rush order ....

I realize that hindsight is 20/20, but why was the infrastructure not ready for the limited quantities of vaccine that we have received for distribution? It is as if no planning has been done whatsoever

Do you went against the government? Well, ok but it was a decision just to say you did it! What good did it do to run out in a day and announce that there will be no more appointments until the middle of February? Good grief!

This Important Vaccine SHOULD NOT be Limited in supply for people!!

You should have stair stepped the process!!! It was insane to think opening it up would be successful! Each tier of age groups dwarves a fair shot! You now have caused unnecessary chaos and the fear of those who received the 1st vaccine not getting the second one on time! Maybe you should have planned better and understood that it’s not about government limiting access but providing the vaccine to those vulnerable populations first before opening it up to everyone.

Please tell me how my elderly parents will be able to get their second dose in 21 days when the state health department says they are not taking appointments now?? This is serious !! We need answers

Well I see our governor got the vaccine the rest of us will just have to wait and hope until all the politicians and their families get vaccinated.

The schedule was made for a reason. you’re seeing why. There are still nurses, who swab Covid + patients daily who haven’t received their vaccine yet. See....a reason. I sure hope there’s people with enough sense to make sure that there’s going to be a 2nd dose ready to be given. 🙄

Until Mississippi is re-supplied with vaccine, appointments for COVID-19 vaccination are not being scheduled. More about vaccinations and making an appointment » This is the message on the website. We can do better.

What is an appointment for? Get in your car go sit in a line then at the end of the day they tell you come back tomorrow,are we out of vaccine. I say the vaccine should be sent to all health provider and let them give the shots.

Apparently you don't value people's time. I have spent the last 24 hours trying to get my mother in law an appt for her 2nd dose. Why can't they give appts for 2nd dose at time of receiving 1st dose. The Dept of Health is not capable of handling this.

There are no vaccines in Amory. What’s up with that. Hospital employees got theirs and no one else has been been given the vaccine. We are having to travel in order to get ours.

I hope people do their research before blindly trusting these pharmaceutical companies. $$$

Were all the healthcare workers who wanted it able to receive it? Healthcare workers and long term care residents should have gotten it before anyone else...even before those over the age of 75 who can shelter in their homes.

It would be reeaal nice if you could get the vaccines to the private clinics listed on the department of health’s web page so they can administer them. All I called were waiting on the medicine.

Just waited 45 minutes only to find out the nearest site for vaccine is at least 1 1/2 hours away and earliest date is Feb. 1. Thanks, Tate!

My wife was scheduled to receive the vaccine today. We went to the drive through site. After being there a while she was sent away because of an allergy issue from a few years ago. I was trying to get an appointment for myself while waiting but the phone and web site had crashed. Why can’t our government build a system capable of handling the demand? Why was the demand not anticipated? Why is there not a statement addressing alternatives for those people with problems. One of the nurses who happened to be from a small community hospital gave me a phone number of that hospital. I called and got appointments for my wife and I without a hassle. Maybe we should let this lady be in charge of distribution. Thank you dear lady.

Being organized is not arbitrary. It appears that’s off the table also.

Will more vaccine be available soon for 65 and older? Why was it opened to them and there was not enough vaccine to distribute?

What about 2nd dose that is due on Feb 8? Couldn’t schedule appointment prior to State saying they had committed all supply. Does the committed include second doses to those already given 1st?

Lip service is all this is. I called for appointment and am a teacher. No vaccine they say and I’m 700 something in their list.

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Today I signed the bill to ratify a new banner for our state. It is done with the hope that we can work together and serve one another. We need to come together in this country.

We need to remember that we are one nation. Under God. Indivisible. We cannot see one another as the enemy. We all need a dose of humility and empathy—one that can only come from God.

“So if there is any encouragement in Christ, any comfort from love, any participation in the Spirit, any affection and sympathy, complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind. Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.” Philippians 2:1-3

Even 2 minutes of playing in the snow with your kids can make all the difference in the world. Let’s focus on the positives today, Mississippi! Even in challenging times, God has blessed each of us!

I’m headed to Vicksburg for a great positive announcement this AM!

More good news on the vaccine front! The following private clinics are offering vaccines to Mississippians who are 75+. Eager to quickly expand as soon as we can. Please share with anyone who needs the information! ...

Mr. Ray was one of the good guys in this business. In fact, he was just one of the good guys, period. My first campaign office in 2003 was in his House district. When I was a 28-year-old running for the first time, he would often stop by and offer words of encouragement. Not because he thought I could win. Not because he wanted anything. Just because he loved life and wanted a better life for everyone. I was there when they named the Pearl High football stadium after him...and that meant so much to him. He loved life, he loved his family, and he loved the Pearl Pirates! He will be missed on this earth but he also loved his Lord and Savior and will be joined soon by many more who loved him!

RIP Mr. Ray!

Rest In Peace to Charley Pride, a Mississippi great. ...

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