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Governor Tate Reeves

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves

Tate Reeves

65th Governor of Mississippi

As the 65th Governor of Mississippi, Tate Reeves continues to build on his strong record as a conservative leader who fights to guard taxpayers’ dollars, improve educational opportunity, and grow new careers so that our state’s best and brightest can raise their families and thrive here at home.

In his inaugural address, Governor Reeves promised that this would be an administration for all Mississippi. He committed to a mission to create a climate where good careers are plentiful with every Mississippian prepared to pursue them, as he has every single day of his time serving our state.

Upon taking office, Governor Reeves inherited a crumbling corrections department and a scandal-plagued human services department. He took immediate action to stem the existing issues and begin the process of rebuilding, shedding light on the issues and installing the best leadership to help him turn the departments around to work for the people of Mississippi.

While tackling the inherited issues within government agencies to provide for the safety and human dignity of all Mississippians, Governor Reeves simultaneously led our state through historic flooding and tornadoes and a worldwide pandemic—all within his first 100 days in office.

Governor Reeves has continued to make history throughout his public service career. When elected in 2003 for his first public office, Governor Reeves became the youngest state treasurer in our country and the first Republican to hold the office in Mississippi. His business training in the banking sector made him our state’s foremost advocate for balancing the state budget while minimizing state debt.

He was elected in 2011 and re-elected four years later as the 32nd Lieutenant Governor, leading the Mississippi Senate. His conservative management helped fill our state’s Rainy Day Fund to over $550 million—the most in state history—and reduce the overall debt burden. He fought for transparency in how agencies spend tax dollars and stronger reporting requirements on taxpayer-funded incentive programs.

His commitment to long-term growth that creates better careers led Governor Reeves to propose the largest tax cut in state history through the Taxpayer Pay Raise Act, lowering the personal income tax and enabling more Mississippi employers to invest in jobs and better compete in the global marketplace.

Governor Reeves’ upbringing in Florence’s public schools made him driven to reform the education system to increase opportunity for all Mississippians. He has worked to increase investment in the classroom and enacted reforms to save money, strengthen achievement, and effectively communicate school performance. His new mission for our state is to give us more national board-certified teachers per capita than any state in the nation.

Governor Reeves remains committed to his inaugural promise to defend the loving culture that underpins our quality of life and grow our economy that lifts all of our families. He has pledged to work every day to make that promise a reality for all Mississippi.

A Rankin County native, Governor Reeves is a graduate of Florence High School and an honors graduate of Millsaps College, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

Governor Reeves and his wife, Elee, are the proud parents of three daughters, Tyler, Emma, and Maddie.

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On this Armed Forces Day, we salute the brave men and women who serve our nation and defend our freedom and way of life. #ArmedForcesDay

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Thank you'll for your services god bless you'll

God bless our military. Thank you for your service.

Thanks for your service keeping our country safe

All of our awesome service men and women, God bless you all. Thank you for your service and welcome home. For the ones that gave their all, the families, God bless you and give you strength. 😥✝️🙏

Thank you to all for your SERVICE.

Thanks to all military branches for your service and sacrifice may God always be with each of you and your families

Thank you for your services

I salute the men&women in the Armed Forces. Thanks for your hard work and dedication to keep America safe and free. 🇺🇸

Thank you for your service

Go Military Armed Forces Go Tate Reeves

When are you going to send stimulus money to your citizens of MS??? We need the money. Other states are taking care of their citizens, why can't you?

Thanks for your services

Thank you for your Service

Thanks to all of the ones who have and still serving, Congratulations to all

KMA; wasted 28 years to see socialist democrats in charge of the country. And you’re not better. Bet you’re a career politician avoided all of our wars.

Thank you for your service and sacrifice 🇺🇲

Thank you all for your service. God bless!

You betcha !

Any thoughts on the new monkey pox they created? Are you part of that agenda to?

Thank you to all our military for your service

Don’t include me in “we” or “our!” I do NOT salute none of them! And here it is the Sabbath Day and you aren’t keeping it, Entering In through Jesus Christ! So how are y’all free? Not one soldier defends MY FREEDOM or WAY OF LIFE! 😉

Thank you all

Dustin Lindsey

Behind every successful person there is always a helper Alice M Jason she is the person behind my successful story and great achievement and goals thanks once again for restoring my hope Alice M Jason

Thank you 🙏

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The house passed a bill to ban the gouging to get the cost lowered and republicans aren’t backing it to pass congress. So what exactly are you going to do Reeves??

Thank you for all you do, but it's in the hands of the Democrats and I don't see any relief in the future!

Thank the current administration for this fiasco. Destroying our nation is their agenda. BIDEN + CO TO GITMO

Dude, you are so out of touch with reality! I thought a politician is supposed to know that a President does not control gas prices. Your republican pals veto to ban price gouging. What you say to that??

Tell the Republicans to stop blocking efforts to fix the problem!!!

Yes we know Biden has caused all of this but we are the ones suffering because of terrible leadership

What are you doing to help your cities like Meridian fight rapidly worsening crime?

Oh look a government official thinking the price of gas should dictate policy. If you wanna be mad about the prices of stuff how about groceries?

You are out of touch. Talk to your Republican friends who voted against the gas price gouging bill this week. Every single Republican Congressperson voted against it.

I bet England, Germany and Spain can’t wait for Joe Biden to get out of office so their inflation will lower! Thank god we have you guys to disbelieve everything medial science says and gobble up every word fed by your favorite politician.

Talk about being out of touch with reality… #onetermtate

The gas companies are showing profits this year! I guess they are winning!

But oil and gas prices are set on a gobal pricing. So how will more drilling help? And I am for more drilling but just want that to be explain to me.

You tell it like it is! Glad to call you our Governor! I pray for a miracle. Biden is killing us slowly

Governor Reeves, what have you done to help Mississippians of all walks of life and political affiliations? The State legislature and YOU had an opportunity to eliminate the sales tax on groceries and gasoline. You refused to expand Medicaid, etc. First sweep around your own front door! God bless President Biden, VP Harris, and the United States of America!

Several states have suspended the gas tax during this Biden Disaster. Mississippi is one of the poorest states, WHY haven't you suspended our states gas tax? People can choose food or gasoline to get them to work.

But what are you doing about it? The pot can't talk about the kettle.

But yet you just gave yourself a huge tax funded pay increase. Cut the state tax on gas and groceries.


The democrats are too blinded by hate to see the country is in trouble..

Your correct on part of it but if the state of Mississippi would drop the grocery tax it would help at least the state could suspend it until everything levels out including some of the gas tax and if federal would do the same on fuel it would help.

This man want to be president so bad🤦🏾‍♀️

Reeves, You shouldn't throw Stones. What are you doing!!! Mississippi needs Water, Food, Gas prices down, Senior Citizens need help and the list goes on. What are you doing??? How Do You Sleep At Night???

People better vote for America and not down political party lines!!

Yet again, you're embarrassing yourself and Mississippi. If you want to play politics with the grownups, the very least you can do is try to have a basic understanding of how things work. First of all, oil is a global commodity and American presidents have very little control over it. Second, as far as the "policies of this administration" Biden approved 3,557 permits for oil and gas drilling on public lands in his first year alone, FAR outpacing the Trump administration’s first-year total of 2,658. And prices dropped in 2020 because the economy collapsed in the midst of a pandemic-driven recession. it's not that complicated: when supply goes up and demand goes down, prices fall. And in 2020, demand fell sharply as more Americans worked from home, traveled less, and used fewer resources. Now as people are driving more, prices have climbed again. That's how the free market works, genius. If you want to complain about something, why not mention that Democrats passed the "The Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act" to stop big oil from gouging us on prices and NOT ONE republican voted in favor of it? Also, if you're so concerned about Mississipians pocketbooks, why don't you abolish the $.18 per gallon gas tax?

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360 new jobs and a $4.425 million corporate investment heading to DeSoto County!

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Memphis south wins again….

Why all the jobs always be near Memphis lately. How many Mississippian are actually working with these companies s

Good they need it

Looks like only certain areas getting all the jobs

God is in the blessing business. Mississippi has been blessed with a governor working hard for us. The only way to build the economy is America to get back to work. Covid isn't a threat now. So no excuse. If you can work. Get a job. Too many of them out there to say you can't find one. You say that you are just not looking.

And, Milwaukee Tools opening their 4th or 5th location in Grenada. Jobs jobs jobs!!! Good job Governor Reeves. 👍

If Reeves found a cure for cancer, and it cured someone in your family, you all would find fault with it. Just stop.

Because he’s not looking out for the poorest parts of Mississippi ! ? The delta needs help the most, in any way!!

All I am saying is another job in the north MS area There are places and people living in South MS that would benefit from these type jobs

What about the central part of the state? What’s about the delta??

Fix our gas prices so we can actually get to work.

With fuel going up no one will be able to make it to work.

No public transportation in this State Tate? Get your head out of your rear and prioritize things. We need a real Governor!

tate reeves is the remedial version of a container of play doh.

Why keep going to countries that's already have opportunities,jobs and good salary. Stop in the heart of the Ms Delta

Good job governor

Can we try for a cruise ship like N.O. and Mobile? Maybe a second river cruise line? Oh and what about adding a few Easier ways for new businesses to open here. what other businesses besides restaurants, oil and tire shops, and boutiques can we get? Can we maybe intrigue an amusement park? These are my optional thoughts, I'm sure others have ideas too.

You gonna brag on the cannabis growing warehouses when they bring jobs and money to Mississippi?

need jobs brought to pearl river county

Why would someone laugh about new jobs coming into our state? ????

We won't be able to buy gas to get to work

That's great news!

Just make sure company doesn't take advantage of people

What kind of tax break will they get?

You don’t see any new or additional industry being built south of highway 20 in the past twenty six years.

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On this Armed Forces Day, we salute the brave men and women who serve our nation and defend our freedom and way of life. #ArmedForcesDay ...

Mississippi backs the blue!

Thankful to our law enforcement community for all they do. Our neighborhoods and families are safer because of your work.

This National Police Week, join me in thanking our police.


Our brave military service members sacrifice so much to protect us and defend our American freedoms.

I hope you’ll join me in showing our thanks to these valued community members during Military Appreciation Month!

Great to join @officialbenshapiro for a spirited conversation about our pro-life movement.

The Left wants to push a narrative about hypotheticals and fringe cases.

If they really thought Americans were with them, they’d be for turning the abortion decision back to the people.

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