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Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves

Thank you for visiting my website.

It was my greatest honor to be sworn in as Mississippi’s 65th Governor on January 14, 2020.

Standing before all of Mississippi, I promised that this administration would be an administration for all Mississippi. That I would defend the loving culture that underpins our quality of life and work to grow an economy that lifts all of our families. I am determined to honor that promise.

I am asking today for you to join me in that mission. We must care about each other enough to overcome our differences. We must be faithful to each other enough to outlast our shortcomings. And we must be committed to each other enough to raise our expectations.

When I took that first oath of office as State Treasurer in 2003, I did not know how long my service would last. All I knew is that you, the people of Mississippi, had demonstrated a faith in me that I might never be able to meet.

I have never underestimated your trust. I have never forgotten the oath to pursue service with the help of our God. And I will wake up every day working to bring us together to make our state be all it can be. Work that will be done by all of Mississippi.

For All Mississippi

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Watching from Madison. So proud of you guys and all you’ve done to keep us safe!

Well I see people going into business without masks on constantly!

That interpreter is often the most interesting thing about these updates. I think he is impressive and wish I could do that.

Masks do not prevent the virus particles from transmission. Research and you will understand.

If you’ve watched this update or any update since March and watch Dobbs for 2 minutes, you will know exactly why masks don’t work! Distance and epic hygiene is all that’s needed.

It's not your job to protect us from ourselves, your job is to protect our liberty and freedom

Nov. 3rd please vote for medical marijuana. There are so many people suffering with pain, seizures, ptsd, etc.

Soooooo the Sweet Potatoe festival is cancelled but the MS State Fair goes on ....something is not right with this

no we are NOT used to it. That right there is the plan...make a new normal force people to conform

Think his speech is on a pre-recorded loop. His speeches all sound the same.

Watching from Ripley Mississippi!!! Pray that Everyone is Safe and Doing Well!❤❤❤❤💯

How about doing something extra for us EXPENDABLES (AKA ESSENTIAL WORKERS). WE ARE STRUGGLING

Let's let the you kids wear a mask outside the classroom but not in the classroom. That is almost 7 hours a day. My son comes home so tired.

I see if you want to go to the fair and football games go. If you don't feel comfortable then stay home. I won't go but the people that want to go let them go!!

This guy is a great interpreter the world is so cruel

Masks dont work! They are slowly smothering the kids that have to wear them for 7 hours during school. Headaches and extreme drowsiness is the beginning signs of carbon dioxide poisoning.

Please be respectful! You may not like the person but be respectful of the office!

Covid is very real! My sister-in-law has been on a ventilator for 40 days! You bet it’s real!!

Sorry Tate we will do what we've been doing which is, WHAT WE WANT! I'm still a free American the last time I checked.

Life is so short, grow up people! I'd like to see you do his job.....

Since you such a numbers guy can you guess how many terms you will serve as our governor ?

Please be nice they are trying to do what is best for us

I’ve decided to make my dog wear a mask as well. He has to do his part

How about discussing how you’re gunna finally end this every 2 weeks mask extension you keep extending?

If you can’t say anything nice, just don’t say anything at all!!!

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Mississippi National Guard Staff Sgt. Mitchell Scofield is officially the best of the best. Congratulations to Staff Sgt. Scofield on winning the Army National Guard 2020 Best Warrior Competition, along with Cpl. Daniel DIppolito of the Arizona National Guard! 

A true leader on the national stage, he was also named the Army National Guard NCO of the Year. Way to do your home state proud! 🇺🇸

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Congratulations, Sgt. Scofield! You make Mississippi Proud! Thanks also, Gov. Reeves, for calling this great man to our attention.

We’re very grateful for his hard work and proud! of him for bringing honor to our state!

Congratulations so proud of you. Best of luck Staff Sgt. SCOFIELD.

Stand fast Mississippians. This honor is evidence of the training our soldiers are getting. Best of the best.

What an honor! Congratulations and Go d bless you. Thanks for your service and to all the men and women who serve.

Congratulations 🎉🎊!!! Awesome job , and thanks for showing how awesome Mississippi is. Thanks for your service, and thanks for all the men and women who serve!

Congratulations staff Sgt Scofield

Congratulations, Sir!!!! You are to be commended for being the Best of the Best!!!!

Congrats SSG! Way to represent MIssissippi!

Yay! Congratulations. You earned it! You and others like you make Mississippi proud!

Congratulations! Thanks for serving our country!

Yes he is! He’s tough! Congratulations! Proud to be a Mississippian!

If we praised doctors and scientists like we do soldiers...

Salutes to you Sarge!

I see they are holding their guns. They should totally do their first desk pop!!!!

Representing the Ssippi!!! Hell yeah!! Congratulations!!

Awesome example of excellence. Unlike you


Mississippi Proud!

Great news. Go Mississippi..

Congratulations! Thank you for your outstanding service!


I love our military but our governor sucks


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We all need to thank the Lord for sparring Mississippi of the hurricane

I don’t think you should be praising a major storm hitting our neighbors. Be thankful for us, but pray for them.

Yes, Praise God it devastated the people not made in His image in Florida and Alabama!!!

Thank you Governor and Director and all the volunteers and paid individuals that help protect us! #MAGA

Yes, but our great neighbors to our east got pummeled. I would think we should be mindful of them during this and not say thank God it didn’t hurt us.

God bless those that was in the path. Now pull together and become one helping each other. It does not matter who you vote for .!!We are America.

Why does everyone act like we don't deal with hurricanes every year. Lol. Its so odd to hear the reactions.

There is nothing wrong with thanking God you were safe from Sally. It means you are strong enough to help those harmed by Sally. ❤️🙏❤️

Prayers to those in the path of the storm. God bless & watch over our 1st responder's.

Watching from Tupelo. Prayers for the Gulf Coast. Thank you Governor!

Praying for everyone that was in the path of the storm. 🙏🏻

Praying for our neighbors who were not so lucky.

Praise God he decides to send the storm to destroy somebody else’s life. Think about your words, Mr. Tot.

Assist any Mississippian. What a joke. This man does nothing but throw Ms under the bus. He is a political puppet that does nothing but help himself

I have to give this Governor his Props!! He is one of the Patience Governor that I have seemed in a while!! Hats off to him & his Officials!❤💯

Thank you Lord, and prayers for our neighboring states!!

People I am not happy about a lot he does but you need to grow up leave the past in the past

Thank You Jesus the storm passes over us.

Prayers for all in the path of this storm 🙏

Since he came out with a mask I assume he will extend the mask mandate that 75% of ppl r not following

"Praise god" it didn't hit us but apparently god hates those other folks.! Stop blaming god for acts of nature.

Why do people on this feed feel such hatred ?

Too bad you lost all who knows if what you say is true or not.

Thankful for your hard work and concern, Mr. Governor!

Praise God for sparing our Gulf Coast Families. We love you and we're so blessed that you are all safe from total destruction.❤🙏

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.@nationalguardMS Staff Sgt. Mitchell Scofield is officially the best of the best. Congratulations to Staff Sgt. Scofield on winning the Army National Guard 2020 Best Warrior Competition, along with Cpl. Daniel D'Ippolito of @AZNationalGuard!

This graph tells the story of what you’ve accomplished. It hasn’t been easy or pleasant, but you’ve gotten us out of a terrible COVID-19 situation. It’s only because the people stepped up. We did it without closing any business and while opening schools. Thank you and God bless.

In times of crisis, it’s all about neighbor helping neighbor. Mississippi stands with Alabama as we work to weather this storm and any other storm that comes our way.

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