For All Mississippi

It was my greatest honor to be sworn in as Mississippi’s 65th Governor on January 14, 2020.

Standing before all of Mississippi, I promised that this administration would be an administration for all Mississippi. That I would defend the loving culture that underpins our quality of life and work to grow an economy that lifts all of our families. I am determined to honor that promise.

I am asking today for you to join me in that mission. We must care about each other enough to overcome our differences. We must be faithful to each other enough to outlast our shortcomings. And we must be committed to each other enough to raise our expectations.

When I took that first oath of office as State Treasurer in 2003, I did not know how long my service would last. All I knew is that you, the people of Mississippi, had demonstrated a faith in me that I might never be able to meet.

I have never underestimated your trust. I have never forgotten the oath to pursue service with the help of our God. And I will wake up every day working to bring us together to make our state be all it can be. Work that will be done by all of Mississippi.

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Key Initiatives: Education


For the past decade, Governor Reeves has fought to improve Mississippi’s education system. As a result, Mississippi has been a shining example in recent years that smart, conservative policies work in education.

Key Initiatives: Public Safety and Criminal Justice

Public Safety and Criminal Justice

Public safety is essential for a society to thrive and prosper, which is why Governor Reeves has made the safety of Mississippians and criminal justice reform top priorities throughout his time serving our state.

Key Initiatives: Healthcare


States across the country are looking to Mississippi and trying to replicate our success in implementing innovative telehealth technology. 

Key Initiatives: Workforce Development

Workforce Development

The bedrock of a successful economy is a skilled workforce that can adapt to evolving industry trends and attract new businesses.

Key Initiatives: Economic Growth

Economic Growth

A strong economy is a core foundation of a healthy society. Since first taking public office in 2004, Governor Reeves has worked tirelessly to craft sensible policies that will grow Mississippi’s economy and improve the quality of life for all Mississippians.

News From Governor Reeves

Mississippi Ending Federal 15-Month Free Rent and Utility Program

Governor Tate Reeves today announced that Mississippi is ending a federal program in the state that incentivizes people to stay out of the workforce by offering up to 15 months of free rent and utility bill payments.

Governor Reeves Sets Qualifying Deadline for the Sixth Circuit Court District, Post 1, Circuit Court Judge’s Race

Governor Tate Reeves has re-opened candidate qualifying for the November 8, 2022, election for the position of Circuit Judge in the Sixth Circuit Court District (Post 1). This district includes Adams, Amite, Franklin, and Wilkinson Counties.

Governor Tate Reeves Makes Appointments to Mississippi Outdoor Stewardship Trust Fund Board

Governor Tate Reeves has made four appointments to the Board of Trustees of the Mississippi Outdoor Stewardship Trust Fund.

Governor Tate Reeves and First Lady Elee Reeves Announce Theme for Third Annual ‘Christmas at the Mansion’

Governor Tate Reeves and First Lady Elee Reeves today announced, “Mississippi Hometown Christmas” will be this year’s theme for “Christmas at the Mansion.” This year’s theme will be reflective of the beauty that our towns and cities bring to our state.

Governor Tate Reeves Statement on Court’s Ruling on Mississippi Trigger Law

A Mississippi state court has denied the abortion clinic and its out-of-state doctor’s request for an injunction of our state’s trigger law that would stop all abortions in the state except in the case of rape or to save the life of the mother.


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Sharpen your pencils and break out the calculators because it’s time to head back to school!

Wishing all our students, teachers, and parents good luck this year. Y’all are the reason our graduation rates are at an all-time high and above the national average!

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Go back to labor day start like everywhereelse. Save money on air conditioning!

Others besides your children started weeks ago!! Heck we done been sent home on quarantine for a week and returned to school already!! But you sure haven't worried about that have you? Haven't seen the first post from you concerning how COVID would effect our children in schools this year?

Hope your making plans to increase safety measures in our school hope our small towns are prepared. Adequate fencing. inspection of our classrooms doors an lock. Lot of these schools built way backin the day. Some still lock on outside. Thats prob they had in the small texas town where young students perished. Perhaps that needs to be a top priority dont u think.

Kids are lacking it’s sad you chose not to give money to tax payers that was given to help us

Give the money back, Tate!

Participation trophies are being handed out at every level of the "education system". We used to teach Latin and Greek in high school, now we teach remedial English in college.

How will children get pencils if their parents do not have any money?When will Mississippi change the 100% wage garnishment of workers who owe state income taxes. No other states have laws which takes the entire wages of a worker. No other state has such severe laws. Children are hungry, workers file bankruptcy and leave our state taking away the skills and education they acquired in Mississippi.

Learn them real good, that way they can take everything they know and continue leave the state as soon as they can.

How about leaving calculators at home and let them use their minds so they can use their thinking process naturally

What about a stimulus check or so food stamps for us all because we need it can you make that happen for us for Real

Oh good grief, this is our 4th week.

Why you aren't making jokes about MAR-A-LAGO being raided, or trump pleading the 5th? You jokes about President Biden.

Let the Governmental Indoctrination Camps be open,wokeism must prevail!!!

Dude you late ain’t you? 🙄 or Does this only go to your daughters school! Because school has already started

You taking credit for educational gains is like me taking credit for the US’s 1980 hockey gold medal.

So Clinton can get an $8,000,000 grant to expand businesses but jackson gotta come up with half of the money they need to help the white citizens in jackson get clean water to live. Make this make sense.

Too bad teachers are terrified of being shot to death at work and parents are terrified to send their children to school. But, by all means, put on a happy face for your NRA loving donors

They teach lies as facts


Where the hell is your comment on the raid on president Trump? Are you just going to close your eyes while the left politicizes the DOJ? We are waiting on your comment.

Wish the children had clean water

The kids should definitely be commended for their hard work and the teachers as well, who accomplished this in spite of being chronically underpaid and the school's woefully underfunded. I hope none of the graduates want to go to USM, since that school, the athletic foundation, and many of it's wealthy supporters who have donated to your campaign are smack in the center of the huge looting of taxpayer dollars that was meant to help Mississippi families but instead went toward a $5 million dollar volleyball complex at USM, and though you've done your best to cover it up and shield your buddies and donors from accountability, it appears your corruption taints everything you touch.

Yeah sure, like you give a crap about public school children, scoff.🙄

Correction, “Welcome back to the Beast System” 🤣

He doesn't care about helping nobody but his family . trump Nd his republican family.

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Please join me in congratulating Mississippi’s newest 2nd Lieutenants who just graduated from Officer Candidate School!

I know they’ll make us proud. Thanks to all who serve our state and nation in the Mississippi National Guard!

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Thankful for our National Guard

I pray OUR MEN AND WOMEN IN BLUE are safe and Much Love and Blessings to you ALL.

Congratulations to all!


Congratulations !!




Congratulations 👏



Many Congratulations ✌️🙏❤️

When will Mississippi change the 100% wage garnishment of workers who owe state income taxes. No other states have laws which takes the entire wages of a worker. No other state has such severe laws. Children are hungry, workers file bankruptcy and leave our state taking away the skills and education they acquired in Mississippi.

Congratulations ❤️🥳




Congratulations 👏

Congratulations To All OF You!!



At least one of them are about to get some soldiers lost in the woods. 🤣 congrats butterbars ..

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Well y’all…we did it. Highway 49 is officially open and construction is finished.

Mississippi is investing in our roads and bridges and I’m grateful to the entire Mississippi Department of Transportation team for bringing this project to completion.

Drive safe!

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I remember reading about this project! Jefferson Davis made it his first priority when becoming president of the Confederacy!

I hope you include the roads in greenbriar subdivision in Nicholson ms they are terrible.

I lived in Jackson in 1965..….and even THEN, this stretch of Hwy 49 was “under construction”..….. and has REMAINED under construction until NOW..…. That is almost 60 YEARS!!!!! It has been a National Joke about WHEN this stretch would actually be completed..…. I’m waiting now to see how long it will be before they start TEARING IT UP again to FIX all of the problems that they buried!!!! Wait for it..…..

Y’all need to have all the men and women who actually built that highway standing there on that stage instead of y’all over paid politicians who sat in air conditioned buildings then take credit for the work.

👧🏻me at the start 👵🏻me at the end of construction😂

Well it only took 22 + years. They were working on 49 when I went to college at Ole Miss and they are just now finishing! Wow that’s one long project!

I love that new roads and highways are being built all over the place. It makes me believe that we are more accessible. Here is to more growth Ms.

Tate Reeves...your friend was raided at Mar-a-Lago today by the FBI.

Too bad we can't afford gas to travel on it

Part of that same “Good Ole Boy” group which has strangled this state for way too many decades.

Good thing to spend taxes on - safe roads. Thank you.

how much money did the men (all men btw) in this photo make off of the cushy contracts handed out for this decades-long clusterfreak?

Now can we raise the legal hauling limit for 18 wheelers to 88,000 lbs in Mississippi?

They need to replace highway 46 in Clay county Mississippi it’s like driving down a rub board the ends of chiquotanchia bridges on highway 50 west in clay county are an accident waiting to happen .

Hallelujah took only 20 yrs

Why is the Agriculture Commissioner there?

I traveled Hwy 49 a lot back in my college undergrad years. Glad to know that it is finished. Go Mississippi!

Where exactly has the 4 billion that was in the infrastructure bill gone?

Our highways desperately need repairs. Good to know they are on the agenda. Thank you Governor Tate.

👏Glad for the folks that have had to endure it for way too long!

Hang in there Governor while the haters still hate and suck the happiness and joy out of literally everything. You inherited a mess but overall you have endured and are doing a great job!

Slow progress gives over paid politicians and governors something to brag about when things are bleak because of their greed and bad policies!

N Hwy61 in Tunica County need to be next

Wonderful, wonderful news!!👏🏻👏🏻

How about us 51 from TN state line all the way down? It is horrible.

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Sharpen your pencils and break out the calculators because it’s time to head back to school!

Wishing all our students, teachers, and parents good luck this year. Y’all are the reason our graduation rates are at an all-time high and above the national average!

While Democrats pander to Twitter leftists and radicals, conservatives are going to keep advancing common sense policies that help grow our economy and make it easier for the average American to work hard, live free, and raise a family! ...

It’s not every day that you get to appoint someone as qualified as Brad Thompson to serve as district attorney.

State trooper, public defender, and county attorney - impressive resume to say the least!

Good luck, Brad. I know you will serve the people of Jones County well!

Hitting singles and doubles in small rural communities is a key component of our economic development and growth strategy.

A homegrown company growing and creating 31 jobs in Jasper County is a big deal.

I appreciate the team at Hol-Mac for yet again believing in rural Mississippi!

First Lady Elee Reeves

First Lady of Mississippi, Elee Williams Reeves, grew up in Tylertown where her parents emphasized the importance of education and giving back to the community.

After graduating from McComb High School, she pursued her degree at Millsaps College in Jackson, graduating with honors. Elee also holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Millsaps College.

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