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For All Mississippi

It was my greatest honor to be sworn in as Mississippi’s 65th Governor on January 14, 2020.

Standing before all of Mississippi, I promised that this administration would be an administration for all Mississippi. That I would defend the loving culture that underpins our quality of life and work to grow an economy that lifts all of our families. I am determined to honor that promise.

I am asking today for you to join me in that mission. We must care about each other enough to overcome our differences. We must be faithful to each other enough to outlast our shortcomings. And we must be committed to each other enough to raise our expectations.

When I took that first oath of office as State Treasurer in 2003, I did not know how long my service would last. All I knew is that you, the people of Mississippi, had demonstrated a faith in me that I might never be able to meet.

I have never underestimated your trust. I have never forgotten the oath to pursue service with the help of our God. And I will wake up every day working to bring us together to make our state be all it can be. Work that will be done by all of Mississippi.

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Key Initiatives: Education


For the past decade, Governor Reeves has fought to improve Mississippi’s education system. As a result, Mississippi has been a shining example in recent years that smart, conservative policies work in education.

Key Initiatives: Public Safety and Criminal Justice

Public Safety and Criminal Justice

Public safety is essential for a society to thrive and prosper, which is why Governor Reeves has made the safety of Mississippians and criminal justice reform top priorities throughout his time serving our state.

Key Initiatives: Healthcare


States across the country are looking to Mississippi and trying to replicate our success in implementing innovative telehealth technology. 

Key Initiatives: Workforce Development

Workforce Development

The bedrock of a successful economy is a skilled workforce that can adapt to evolving industry trends and attract new businesses.

Key Initiatives: Economic Growth

Economic Growth

A strong economy is a core foundation of a healthy society. Since first taking public office in 2004, Governor Reeves has worked tirelessly to craft sensible policies that will grow Mississippi’s economy and improve the quality of life for all Mississippians.

News From Governor Reeves

Military Spouse Appreciation Day | May 22

Governor Tate Reeves has proclaimed the date of May 22, 2021, as Military Spouse Appreciation Day, and urges all citizens, businesses, and government leaders to observe the day with appropriate ceremonies and activities that honor, support and thank military spouses.

Hurricane Preparedness Week | May 9-15

Governor Tate Reeves has proclaimed May 9-15 as Hurricane Preparedness Week in the State of Mississippi.

Don’t Quit Campaign Launches in Mississippi

Continuing his goal of ending childhood obesity, fitness icon Jake (Body by Jake) Steinfeld, Chairman of the National Foundation for Governors’ Fitness Councils (NFGFC), has kicked off the year by selecting the State of Mississippi for its 2021 DON’T QUIT! Campaign.

Governor Reeves Issues New Comprehensive Safe Recovery Order in Ongoing Effort to Flatten the Curve

Today, Governor Tate Reeves announced his new comprehensive Safe Recovery order as a one-stop resource for Mississippians as we continue to flatten the curve on new COVID-19 cases.


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ICYMI: This announcement was a big win for Mississippi!
Nissan Canton vehicle assembly plant:
·Employs more than 5,000 people 👷‍♀️

·Has produced nearly 5 million vehicles 🛻

·Has an annual production capacity of more than 400,000 vehicles ⚙️

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74% of the voters thought we had won Medical Marijuana and yet here we are. 🙄😕

I'm just curious how we attracted this business? Did they get tax incentives? (Corporate welfare.) Or were they promised a low wage workforce in a "right to work" state?

Make people work or take COVID vaccine to receive any benefits

That Nissan looks very similar to a Toyota.

You never mention what the State had to give to Nissan to move the plant here. Have we the taxpayers even made a dent in that debt yet?

6,000 Nissan Workers Forced to Work During COVID-19 in Mississippi – Payday Report

How much in taxes do they pay?

Cannabis industry could have had thousands of jobs here, as well, before the government took 74% of voter's voices away for possibly years going at this rate we see now. Now you want to gut what we voted for while you hold back calling a special election? Get voted out, Reeves. I can't wait.

Just asking - how many of them are hire-backs?

Tate Reeves I’m the Fire Chief of the Holly Bluff Volunteer fire department. Which I met you in 2019 during the backwater flood. And I’m also in the trucking business. And my business model is hauling auto parts so that’s really good news for me also.

Where is your investment in Delta area of the state. We pay taxes too.

Please do a PSA encouraging covid vaccinations. Do you like always being last. Come on. Get out there and do something. Speak up.

In my Facebook memories from 2019, I have listed, “the economy is great. Nissan just cut 12,600 more jobs.”. So it’s been ups and downs no one discusses.

I voted along with a lot more Mississippi people , for medical marijuana , look what happened!!! NOTHING

A big win for you would be to call a special session, for making the people vote what it is supposed to of been to start with. Other than that you just like bidden if not done gone next election.

You’re only as good as your last envelope-Silvio Dante

Please do not allow Dr Dobbs to enforce the Draconian law. The video of the meeting is all over YouTube. I fear this would lead to something far worse than COVID.

Toot that horn Governor! You are such a camera hog! 🎥


While you bragging,let see about this jail under a 50 year old mountain of household garbage in Winston county that is a state prison. Wish I could post pics airal.

Is this one of the companies that demanded you get rid of our 1894 flag?

How about more info on COVID-19 and what you plan to do since it is on the rise again

No masks!!! Really?!


I own a Nissan truck

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Great time last night headlining the Orange County (FL) Republican Party event.  Lots of excited leaders like Chairman Charles Hart & other GOP activists preparing to re-elect Governor Ron DeSantis and #TakeBacktheHouse.

House Republicans
Kevin McCarthy
Congressman Michael Guest
Congressman Steven Palazzo
Representative Trent Kelly

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Governor, frankly, early on I saw you as a one-term governor. Now, not so sure about that. I have disagreed strongly on a couple things, but now admire the way you led through vaccinations and into the changed economy, your unflinching conservatism and care for all, no matter how much reviled. You just might be a pretty good governor, after all. Hang in there.

Dude- you have run Mississippi further into the ground than we were before you got elected- why in the ever loving hell would they want your presence in Florida? Also, in case you weren’t aware, we are in the middle of a pandemic where large crowds and masking is recommended in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

What a travesty! Headlining a big party while Mississippi, Louisana, Alabama are back in early Pandemic like cases and deaths. Mississippi “so-called leaders” do nothing!!!

How many of your fellow Republicans are vaccinated in this group? Watch out the Delta variant is following your candidate 😷😷😷

DeSantis is awesome! He’s a true leader. Take notes from him.

Re-electing DeSantis should be a no brainer same with you. We must have strong Republicans with backbones . You’re standing up against money, evil, the press and Hollywood That takes strength

They seriously had you come to Florida when you have done nothing to protect Mississippians from an overreaching government???

We won't take back anything until the election processes are cleaned up in every state.

👀Not a single mask in sight.. Whew, brave aren’t we😂

Take nothing back; all the voter suppression tactic in the world are not going to help y’all! If you can’t win fair & square you don’t deserve the position! Pray you all are vaccinated!

Take back the house 🤣🤣🤣🤣 how when not 1 republicans have done anything for the American people. I mean you haven’t done anything but promoted hate and prejudice across America reading dr. Seuss books is not what any republicans was elected for. Then every republican including desantis talked againstthe vaccines every since the pandemic started as I can recall he refused to make mask mandates and he refused to close anything until the hospital was overwhelmed with patients now all of sudden he wants people to get vaccinated he had to start thinking if blacks are getting vaccinated and republicans are not who do I have left to vote cause people are dying from COVID. Now Fox News believe in vaccines they need your vote none of these men care about your life. Look at the super spreader event they are at right now they can give a hill of beans about who lives or who dies. They just want your vote.

My home state and my current state... heartbreaking. The two of you could do so much and you are making the division even worse. Makes me so very sad. Work for unity.

Was the event held in the food court of the mall?

Lets get MS vaccinated so we don't have to shut down again. Mandate the vaccine.

Why are you are not taking care of Mississippi. Your state is last place in everything you can't afford to be anywhere besides Mississippi. Also Florida is a state we are asked not to visit, there you are not a mask in sight

You should be taking about the DELTA VARANT. It’s your responsibility as their state leader.

When are you going to have "a great time" or say something even remotely positive about the Mississippi Democrats. You're a child!!

While Reeves is out of town, meanwhile in Mississippi: “No legislation nor push to ban any semblance of CRT teaching in our schools; Still no word on how he plans to help the small businesses he destroyed; Still not holding Dobbs accountable for misleading statements about children and Covid as well as his using the Nazi term to describe citizens who have a differing opinion.”

Hospitals are filling up again and you are in a roomful of crowded people with no masks. 🙄

Should have warned them you were taking a picture. Ive seen happier people outside of funeral homes! And speaking of funeral homes, we are sure, like everyone else, you had no mask on! PLEASE!!! Go to Florida and bring germs home, now that’s what I call IRRESPONSIBLE!!

Not a mask in sight. Later you’ll be posting about Covid rates and pushing Mississippians to get vaccinated. Do people not see how hypocritical & bogus these politicians are on both sides?

FL today just reported over 12,000 cases.. and yet you're there raising money for Dr. Death. Back home, people who voted for you and trust you are getting sick and dying, just to own the libs. Quarantine when you return!!

I'm glad you were there! DeSantis must be elected!

This is so embarrassing for you. Mississippians deserve a leader invested in moving Mississippi forward (out of last place in everything) & not a groveling national GOP puppet.

Governor, you nor Mississippian can vote in Florida's election. With schools set to open next month what's the state's plan to keep children safe. For whatever reason our numbers are trending up, the economy is not where we wish it was, and crime is everywhere in your state, teachers are leaving the profession in our state, we say we value our teachers, yet you gave a thousand dollar raise which comes to about $3.33 a week. You are a numbers guy didn't you figure this out? So much the value we have for teachers. If the one hand wash the other applies, the he will be here to support you when your turn comes. I don't care where you go or support, just take care of home first.

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Excited to represent MS @therga talking Dollars & (common) Cents with @flgovrondesantis @govlarryhogan @govricketts & @dougburgum. Economic freedom and conservative, pro-business policies will ensure our states continue to lead the recovery. ...

@potus budget proposal & Dems spending plans remove the Hyde Amendment so your tax dollars can fund abortion.  

Abortion is wrong. Taxpayer-funded abortions are wrong.

Thanks @repmichaelguest, @congressmanpalazzo, and @reptrentkelly for fighting to keep it in place. #HydeSavesLives

The residents of Jackson aren’t asking for much, just the ability to walk down the street and not fear for their lives. I stand with them and am committed to ensuring their safety. ...

First Lady Elee Reeves

First Lady of Mississippi, Elee Williams Reeves, grew up in Tylertown where her parents emphasized the importance of education and giving back to the community.

After graduating from McComb High School, she pursued her degree at Millsaps College in Jackson, graduating with honors. Elee also holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Millsaps College.

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