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Coronavirus Updates and Resources In the wake of COVID-19, Mississippi worked quickly to respond and execute a data-driven, measured strategy to protect public health. With everyone doing their part to combat this pandemic, our state is moving forward to rebuild our economy and emerge stronger together. LEARN MORE About Governor Tate Reeves As the 65th Governor of Mississippi, Tate Reeves continues to build on his strong record as a conservative leader who fights to guard taxpayers’ dollars, improve educational opportunity, and grow new careers so that our state’s best and brightest can raise their families and thrive here at home. ABOUT GOV. REEVES Quick
While Mississippi has been hit hard this year with one historic natural disaster after another, our state’s response team has quickly jumped into action every time to save lives and livelihoods across our state. LEARN MORE

For All Mississippi

It was my greatest honor to be sworn in as Mississippi’s 65th Governor on January 14, 2020.

Standing before all of Mississippi, I promised that this administration would be an administration for all Mississippi. That I would defend the loving culture that underpins our quality of life and work to grow an economy that lifts all of our families. I am determined to honor that promise.

I am asking today for you to join me in that mission. We must care about each other enough to overcome our differences. We must be faithful to each other enough to outlast our shortcomings. And we must be committed to each other enough to raise our expectations.

When I took that first oath of office as State Treasurer in 2003, I did not know how long my service would last. All I knew is that you, the people of Mississippi, had demonstrated a faith in me that I might never be able to meet.

I have never underestimated your trust. I have never forgotten the oath to pursue service with the help of our God. And I will wake up every day working to bring us together to make our state be all it can be. Work that will be done by all of Mississippi.

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Key Initiatives: Education


For the past decade, Governor Reeves has fought to improve Mississippi’s education system. As a result, Mississippi has been a shining example in recent years that smart, conservative policies work in education.

Key Initiatives: Public Safety and Criminal Justice

Public Safety and Criminal Justice

Public safety is essential for a society to thrive and prosper, which is why Governor Reeves has made the safety of Mississippians and criminal justice reform top priorities throughout his time serving our state.

Key Initiatives: Healthcare


States across the country are looking to Mississippi and trying to replicate our success in implementing innovative telehealth technology. 

Key Initiatives: Workforce Development

Workforce Development

The bedrock of a successful economy is a skilled workforce that can adapt to evolving industry trends and attract new businesses.

Key Initiatives: Economic Growth

Economic Growth

A strong economy is a core foundation of a healthy society. Since first taking public office in 2004, Governor Reeves has worked tirelessly to craft sensible policies that will grow Mississippi’s economy and improve the quality of life for all Mississippians.

News From Governor Reeves

Governor Reeves Issues New Comprehensive Safe Recovery Order in Ongoing Effort to Flatten the Curve

Today, Governor Tate Reeves announced his new comprehensive Safe Recovery order as a one-stop resource for Mississippians as we continue to flatten the curve on new COVID-19 cases.

Governor Reeves Announces 2,000 Mississippians Enrollment Milestone in Workforce Training Initiative to Aid Mississippi Workers and Employers

Today, Governor Tate Reeves announced that a milestone of over 2,000 Mississippians have enrolled in the ReSkill Mississippi initiative (ReSkillMS) within the first 30 days of the program.


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3 days ago

Tate Reeves

We’re seeing a lot more spread of COVID-19 across the nation and the globe. It’s everywhere. And Mississippi has been no exception. We’ve seen an increase in cases, and our hospitals are tight with other types of patients.

Today, I signed an executive order to require hospitals to maintain 10% capacity in order to be allowed to do elective procedures. Those are less urgent, and although they make more money for the hospitals, they should be delayed if there is no room for life-threatening cases—car wrecks, heart attacks, and Coronavirus.

We’re also continuing with our county-specific strategy. Nine counties meet the standards for additional measures: reducing social gatherings to 10 indoors and 50 outdoors. And wearing masks indoors when in public and you cannot social distance. Those counties are DeSoto, Jackson, Lee, Forrest, Lamar, Itawamba, Neshoba, Claiborne, and Chickasaw.

None of these elements are silver bullets. I don’t expect that any of these measures will eliminate the virus, and we have to allow for life to go on in the meantime. As we wait for a vaccine, our mission is the same as it ever was: to prevent our health care system from being overwhelmed.

We’re not trying to prevent any specific individuals from contracting the virus. At this point, several months in, you know the risk of any given activity. We’re trying to prevent so many individuals from getting the virus at once that our healthcare system can’t respond. And if our healthcare system is overwhelmed, that means we can’t respond to a car wreck or heart attack the right way. It affects everyone.

You’re smart. You know what you need to do to keep safe. We’ll keep trying to set policies that mitigate rampant spread while respecting everyone’s individual rights.

Please stay watchful and be careful. We can get through this together.
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Sir, respectfully these measures have proven to be ineffective. There’s no true mitigation except for social distancing, wash hands, use common sense. Please don’t overreach and trust the people.

You couldn't give up that almighty dollar from cruisin the coast. Also love how Harrison county has more cases then Jackson county but yet Harrison isn't on the list.

Let’s remember elective surgeries are important. They aren’t just nose jobs. That’s cyst and non emergent gallbladder removal. Etc. This can be the difference between someone able to take care of their family and work.

You are on that idiotic plan again? Didn’t you learn that the virus will spread across county lines the first time you attempted this foolish, ineffective method of control?

If we are smart and know what to do, then stop telling us what to do and leave it up the the individual! And I have news for you, my “elective” procedure will help make my life better. My situation might not be life threatening, but it affects my life daily. Thankfully I am not having my procedure in MS and I hope the state where I am having it doesn’t follow these guidelines. If it were you, you would make sure your procedure was done!

Number of cases is a meaningless metric. The mortality rate is the only relevant number and it is dropping.

You keep giving executive orders and we will keep making our own minds up ! Over it! Never should have shut down to begin with!

Your next to last paragraph states that we are smart. If so, then, why can’t we make decisions to take care of our own families withOUT your involvement? Tyranny.

Well they can’t go to icu but let’s make sure the fair sticks around a little longer

I’m sorry... hospitals at 10%? So if someone comes to the hospital dying and needs help and the hospitals are at there 10% they can’t save them? You’ve got to be kidding me? Mean while football games, casinos, and the FAIR are still going strong??

You know what all this is.... it's a precursor for what's to come. This is all about control. Has nothing to do with our health. This is a welcome to socialism.

We are smart, you and your MSDH goons are corrupt.... I can’t wait til we see the exposure of what’s being covered up. I’d say you and your Fauci fauxs have some blood on your hands due to withholding treatments from local doctors that are far more intelligent than you and your cronies.

But the fair and football is a full go.... I call bull.. soon as the money maker fair is over Jackson will be under the mask mandate... watch

No, people are NOT SMART. That is why as soon as you ended the mandate last time people stopped wearing their masks. They don't care. People can't be trusted to do the right thing.

Hospitals and doctors should mandate their own strategies, not our government..... Individuals should have personal responsibility!!!! Government is of the people by the people....

Are we certain this is Covid or could it be the flu that is testing positive for Covid. So where has the flu gone? Last year this time there were numerous amounts of flu!

Why not just reinstate the Statewide mask mandate. It seemed to to help significantly last time? The county thing is very complicated and not really fair considering hinds Rankin and Madison were excluded. Would you prefer a Statewide mask mandate or closing businesses? That's the question we're really looking at here

Do you honestly think it was a smart idea to let the fair go on this year? Crusin the Coast? It’s crazy.

No. People are NOT SMART. We keep making top three for infections and deaths.

You're a DESPOT, Tate Reeves! Masks DO NOT stop the spread of viruses! These "case numbers' are BOGUS! And your arbitrary dictates are business-killing tyranny! One guy gets tested ten times, and they all come back "positive," so there you have "ten cases." Even if we believe the numbers, which I don't, this is despotic NONSENSE!

We are done with these mandates. You wasting ink writing them and air announcing them. When you back off and let this thing run its course them we will get past it until then your pissing in the wind.

No mask in Desoto County we have had enough. By the way enjoy your time as gov.your a one and done.

A MASK does NOT stop the virus!! Wash your HANDS to STOP the spread of germs!!!!! STAY HOME if sick. COVID has a wide range of symptoms, not everyone dies who has the virus either. FLU season is here also!!! Same guidelines!!! As we all should know, children have germs all over their hands, so parents be mindful. Live your life!! Stop living in fear!!!

I still think people shd be allowed to choose. Most of us know mask don’t prevent u from gtn it

If you think we’re smart, why are you making decisions on our healthcare?

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We'll make that decision for ourselves thank you. We're definitely not looking to you for advice on that

Thank god we can still play football at the same time families are being “urged” to not gather for important family holidays. 🙄🙄

If he mandates masks again I’m moving to South Dakota🤣 JK I hate the cold more than I hate wearing masks

I just love the fact that our government has to handle every matter in our lives, including healthcare. What happened to free choice, common sense and flatten the curve?

Masks do not work! People who have medical conditions that are not able to wear them are suffering severely under these mandates!

No one cares about these numbers. We will not live in fear. We will not wear masks. We will not vote for you in November!!!!

I don't believe the numbers at all.... I've had people tell me they were positive for covid, so without testing thier spouse claimed they were positive also... I call bull

GOVERNOR you do not have the power to force the people that voted you into office to have a dress code that requires masks. Any enforcement is a blatant waste of tax payer funds.

Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine! I AM NOT TAKING THE VACCINE! I don’t take the flu shot! I don’t take the pneumonia shot!

🤣😂🤣 the state fair is in Jackson right ? It’s been extended to stay open another week correct ! Obviously it’s not that bad so whatever you have to say here is void !!

Positive case means nothing unless you tell us what the Ct # is.......why are you not being transparent and giving us this number......maybe because it's too high and has 90% false positive?.......

Limit family gatherings but let’s all go down to the fair?!? This is one smart virus!!

I detest your mandates! You will not get my vote ever again.

I guess Dobbs listened to the Cuomo news report. He is shutting down more counties too. Still, think we don't have a wolf in sheeps clothing?

Stop it for God’s sake...YOU ARE NOT HIM! We and we alone will determine our fate and take care of ourselves and our loved ones. NOT your job, butt out!

Why are you encouraging people to wear a mask when you just said they aren't slowing anything down in Alabama??? Good grief...

Mandate should have never been lifted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mississippians the best thing you can do is vote for Biden!

I got asthma and I ain't taking my mask off until 2022

I can’t bear to read this garbage from people who care so little for their fellow human beings.

Doomsday Dobbs has been in his ear all weekend...lookout...lets see how many liberties he can strip today

It’s called personal responsibility. The government is not responsible for our health.

I’m seriously thinking MS would be better off if Reeves and Dobbs stopped gathering together 🙄

Currently have covid. I can promise you the discomfort of a mask is nowhere near the discomfort of COVID-19

My daughter (4th grade) had a history test last week. It asked who the governor was. She answered Tator tot while we were studying. Ha

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Today, I was honored to join my friends on the Mississippi Gulf Coast to announce a massive new economic development project. UMUSIC is developing a $1 billion resort that will support 2,500 jobs in Phase 1! A new jewel in Mississippi’s crown. Life-changing for so many families. 

They could have made this investment anywhere. We competed with the world, and they chose Mississippi. It’s a testament to the unbeatable hospitality of our people, and our dedication to growing our state. With hard work and the Mississippi’s spirit on display, we can always win.

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Wow beautiful you do great work in everything that you do thank you so very much. I’ve been following you ever since I placed my both feet on your Mississippi soil and I’m very proud and saying I love your State of Mississippi and now I call Mississippi my new home. Thank you and God bless you, your family, pets, staff, friends and neighbors. Please all of you stay healthy and safe and please don’t let others interfere with your great work that you do and the thoughtfulness that you give to us all. When I first arrived here from Ohio I was told that Mississippi was The Bible State. I was so happy to hear this cause now I knew thatGod wanted me to come and live here. Now I feel at home great people I have met so far and your Southern Hospitality is totally awesome. I’m very happy and thank you Mr Governor Reeves for making it all possible.. One more thing I’ve noticed that each doctors office that I visited to establish myself here had a Cross ✝️ in there I felt the warmth and comfort that somehow I will fit in since I am a Christian. My thoughts and prayers will always be with you all. Signed Danielle F Bishop

A great day for our state and it’s people. The hateful remarks here a so out of place. Give it a rest for one day y’all, and let the rest of us be happy about this nice addition to our state.

Thank you Tate, even though I am not living in MS I am so proud and can’t wait to visit. Well done young man

Thank you for bringing all this to Mississippi!!! A Reeves to be proud of.

An amazing addition to Coastal Mississippi! Thank you, Governor for all your support of tourism in Mississippi!

Easy to sit back and make negative comments on social media and maybe that is at least one of the reasons for the lack of civility among people today. Thanks for a good job this year under difficult circumstances. I think most Mississippi residents recognize that when they look around the country at other states.

Congratulations Mississippi. What a wonderful time for the a the area. Most of my family have lived in Mississippi and I love you all!!!

Very good .this is sowonderful governor Reeves so happy for them and now people can work .great job .

What can you do for the Delta? I'm not even sure who represents us. Never seen them?

Improve infrastructure. Cut needless regulation (like the ABC) and cut income taxes. Florida, Texas, and Tennessee all get by without state income tax. You’d draw a lot more workers and revenue if people weren’t worried about extra taxes being held out of their paychecks.

That's all well and good but how about me do something for the rest of MS. Us little towns that are struggling.

Sounds exciting/ I certainly have disagreed with you on the flag issue. But I will be supporting you in efforts to help Mississippi.

I really hope that they come up with a great plan on traffic lights in that area.

They must want the insurance money every year from hurricanes.

It's actually about music and the contribution Mississippi has made to the industry. Mississippi has some of the best talent in the world.

how much of the bill are we paying for them and for how long? why do we have socialism for huge corporations, while being the poorest state with the weakest social safety net for our citizens who live in abject poverty?

This is awesome - But please work on the Natchez area. They need jobs and industry so desperately.

It won't be very life changing for the employees unless all the jobs are high paying. Are they?

Louisianaian’s are happy to see it and thrilled for Mississippi! Great job, Governor!

A great development and more jobs! Thank you Governor Reeves! 🙌🏻🇺🇸

He and Dr. Dobbs have tried - they can’t help it because people won’t follow easy guidelines to stop the spread of Covid19, thereby saving lives and economic jobs .

That's great but what about other parts of Mississippi. You still will be a one term

Well we have an important election coming up...and it has never been any more urgent to vote than in this one...I encourage everyone to cast your ballots...

What is this "we" stuff?

Be sure whatever tax breaks they get for jobs That the jobs are accounted for

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Today, I was honored to join my friends on the Mississippi Gulf Coast to announce a massive new economic development project. UMUSIC is developing a $1 billion resort that will support 2,500 jobs in Phase 1! A new jewel in Mississippi’s crown. Life-changing for so many families.

They could have made this investment anywhere. We competed with the world, and they chose Mississippi. It’s a testament to the unbeatable hospitality of our people, and our dedication to growing our state. With hard work and the Mississippi’s spirit on display, we can always win.

Mayor Merlin Richardson went to be with the Lord last night. He was an institution in the Delta—served for decades! More importantly: he was a good friend, caring neighbor, and true joy to be around. I will miss him, and I know that many others will as well! ...

Mississippi National Guard Staff Sgt. Mitchell Scofield is officially the best of the best. Congratulations to Staff Sgt. Scofield on winning the Army National Guard 2020 Best Warrior Competition, along with Cpl. Daniel D'Ippolito of the Arizona National Guard!

A true leader on the national stage, he was also named the Army National Guard NCO of the Year. Way to do your home state proud! 🇺🇸

Congratulations to Staff Sgt. Mitchell Scofield of the Mississippi Army National Guard, 154th Regional Training Institute, for his recent win at the Region III Best Warrior Competition in South Carolina! He competed against the best of the best from 10 states and advances to the National Best Warrior Competition held here in Mississippi this weekend.

Good luck in the national competition, Staff Sgt. Scofield!

19 years ago, the most unimaginable tragedy struck our nation.

Today, we remember the thousands of American lives lost. We honor the brave first responders who sacrificed for others. We continue our prayers for the victims and their families. And we promise to #NeverForget 🇺🇸

First Lady Elee Reeves

First Lady of Mississippi, Elee Williams Reeves, grew up in Tylertown where her parents emphasized the importance of education and giving back to the community.

After graduating from McComb High School, she pursued her degree at Millsaps College in Jackson, graduating with honors. Elee also holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Millsaps College.

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